Caen Artothèque

In memory of a Mansion

Over time, the space occupied by the art gallery of Caen, located in a former mansion of the sixteenth century, was stripped of its original architectural attributes, leaving behind only three modern windows overlooking the inner courtyard – windows that I asked to obstruct before my arrival in Caen.

Yet behind the walls of the exhibition hall, the rich, original and ornemented Renaissance-style windows still exists, yet only visible from outside the building.

My interventions, painted directly on the wall, allowed, for the time of an exhibition, to restore all the windows of the ballroom, to allow visitors to travel back in time.

An exhibition catalog has been published jointly by the Contemporary Art Center Passages (Troyes) and Artothèque de Caen, in collaboration with Galerie Yves Le Roux.

The author and curator Marie Perrault, the art critic Philippe Piguet and the director of the Artothèque de Caen, Claire Tangy wrote the accompagnying texts.

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