L’espace d’une vie

L' espace d'une vie

In summer 2014, I was invited to develop an installation project for the 6th edition of the  Contemporary Sculpture Bienniale of Trois-Rivières.

the proposed theme was “Perdre pied” ; in other words, losing ground, or balance.

My proposition – L’ espace d’une vie – unfolds in two adjoining rooms of the Galerie d’art du Parc. Each room has a separate entrance and a unique two door window comprising 24 glass tiles. Two spaces of similar structure and volume. The opening allowing to move from one room to another has been obstructed by a panel inlaid with a crystal ball.

View of the installation – 3 moments


As light recedes into darkness, giant and opposing figures of an old lady and a baby infant are revealded at the windows. A whole lifespan unfolding in space

Desynchronized cycles of light on both sides of the partition, alternately positions the spectator of stalked and stalker.

When visitors spy into the other room through the filter of the sphere, the reality is viewed upside down.

Preparatory drawing - 1
Preparatory drawing - 2
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