17,2° C sur Terre

It is with great pleasure that I responded to the invitation from the Centre Les Récollets to present an installation as part of the celebrations surrounding the 20th anniversary of this Parisian institution.

For the occasion, I chose to revisit my mailings from June and July 2023 when I created “match trees” and “ghostly leaves” in echo to the fires that ravaged Canada and Europe… and the entire planet in the end.

The performance carried out in front of an assembly gathering artists, members of the Parisian cultural and political circles, made it possible to put the final touch on the work by transforming this forest of matches into a territory devastated by fire.

Entitled 17.2°C – sur Terre (i.e. 17.2°C – on Earth : the mean temperature of Earth, constituting a record on July 5, 2023), the installation, presented on October 2 and 3, 2023 in an interior garden in Les Récollets, combined a forest to be burned during an evening performance, a curtain of phosphorescent ghost leaves and an immense flame projected on a high standing wall, visible from outside the building.

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