October 2023

Inspired by a stamp


In October, La Poste Française put into circulation a stamp created by the artist Prune Nourry: an all-white, embossed stamp, to be discovered by touch. The hand that appears in relief is that of Aïcha, a blind teenager who studies at the Louis Braille Institute. This stamp shows us that we can see beyond the eyes and travel through touch.

This is, to my recall, the first time that a stamp has served as a starting point for the production of one of my monthly mailings.

Discover the whole story behind the creation of this stamp by visiting the page that the Postal Museum devotes to it, it’s fascinating!

Letter of the month
Thin rods made from balsa wood are intertwined in the paper. In darkness, theses simple wooden figures appearing on the front and back are now inscribed in the palm of a hand, like stigmata.

This production relates to a research that I am currently persuing for an installation to be presented at the Récollets chapel as part of the Parisian Nuit blanche, in June 2024 .