These paintings, painted in 1992 and 1993, announce the end of my work on Monopoly. I then want to return to painting. It was at this moment that a mailbag came in my path by chance. I became aware of the fabric’s richness which never cease to dazzle me and which still inspires my creation today.
The silhouettes of Rich uncle pennybags and the characters from Monopoly’s chance and community chest cards are part of a new world, filled with patches, scars and inscriptions with which they must compose.
This series, which incorporates elements of phosphorescence, also marks the beginning of my collaboration with Canada Post, which provided me with the working materials.

The old man
The needy
The jump
Caught in the act
The escape
The payment
The wealthy
The obsequious
The prisoner
The escape
Extra! Extra !
Angel heart
the beggar
Two angels
The kiss

The kiss